Agustinus Setyawan, Ph.D

Agustinus Setyawan, Ph.D

Sr. Consultant / Coach


Agustinus Setyawan is a Sr. Consultant and a Professional Coach at MLC. He holds a PhD in strategic management from a well-known university in Indonesia. He has more than 20 years of experience as an HR practitioner. He has a passion for teaching and building people especially in the field of leadership. Besides being active as a lecturer and author, he is also certified as a professional coach.


S3 Strategic Management from Trisakti University
S2 Human Resource Management from University of International Batam
S1 Industrial Engineering from University of Riau
Certified Professional Coach
Certified Human Resource Professional from GML
Certified in Talent Management from GML

Expertise :

Sr. Consultant for Strategic Management, Organization Development, Leadership & People Development, Talent Management
Business Coaching
Life Coaching